Monday, March 20, 2006

Self Denial

Denying oneself is very difficult. At least for me it is, and from what I've read in scripture and what I've heard from others, that seems to be the general consensus. To be a sinner in this world who has taken a stand for what is true, and holy, and just, has got to be one of the most undeniably conflicted positions one could think of. In fact, I find it hard to imagine any circumstances which could make one more so.

So why would anyone choose this? It's a life many have chosen. Since man and woman were created there were those who denied themselves and sought what was right. Wouldn't it be easier to just do what we feel like doing? To just make decisions based on one's desires and emotions at any given time. And if this is the case, wouldn't society as a whole have caught on to that long ago?

Yet here we are now, in the year 2006, and a third of the world are professing Christians. Take a guess how many of those are sincere; It's still a nice chunk of the population. And from the rest of the world who are not Christians, I think many of them are honestly seeking after what is true, whether they know explicitly about the God of Abraham or not. The law, that moral code which is impressed on every one of our hearts, convinces them to not do certain things, and to do others. Not because this behavior is easy, or feels right, but because they know it is.

I find these facts interesting at the very least. Unless the natural evolution of the species has caused us to be conflicted to the point of despair and ever increasing unhappiness (which it wouldn't) it makes no sense.

Unless of course, there is a real right and wrong, an objective truth. Unless this right and wrong was created by someone much powerful than ourselves. Unless this being was all powerful, for how could one create something of such magnitude and complexity otherwise? To me it seems clear, and I am reaffirmed once again in my conviction.