Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Music

I was listening to the radio this evening. The station was playing a variety of Christmas music. As most of us know, many mainstream artists like to record they're own renditions of familiar Christmas tunes. It occurred to me while listening to some of this, that many of these people may not know the Gospel in a meaningful way, the very Gospel that they're singing about. I hear the name Emmanuel, and I don't know whether the one singing it really knows what they're saying.

The truth is that Christmas music is Christian music. A popular artist singing a rock rendition of "We Three Kings" would be equivalent to him or her singing a new version of, say, "Jesus Freak" by DC Talk.

I found this odd, but then, secular classical artists perform the sacred music of the last 1500 years all the time. Why do they do this? Well, for the beauty of the music. The music appeals to our senses in a profound way, regardless of what the lyrics might say. But why do the modern secular artists perform Christmas music? Is it for the same reason?

In general, I have to say no. The ones who are Christians sing Christmas music because they are celebrating the birth of the Savior. The ones who are not Christians, are doing it either because it seems that's what everyone else is doing, or as a conscious effort to cash in on the commercialized Christmas holiday.

Either way, the glory of Christ will be proclaimed. God became man, a helpless infant. He was born like us, to die for us.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pray for Young Christians

Sorry for the absence of postings. I will now, once again, try to keep up with this blog on a regular basis. I've been reading the book, "One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven" by Mark Cahill, and I'd like to quote him.

"Don't mistakenly think that young people in your church are going to turn out perfectly for the Lord when they reach adulthood. Satan is messing with them in a tremendous way. Please invest as much time and prayer as you can in those young folks. They are definitely worth the investment."

This is a profoundly true statement, and a very important one to be made.