Monday, September 11, 2006


I was a freshman in college when this happened. Planes flying into buildings didn't seem real. It still seems as awful now as it did back then.

My fish buddies and I were lined up on the wall, and our first sergeant I believe was the one who told us. I was not quick to believe him. It could have been some sort of mind game. I wish it had been. After we returned to our rooms, and saw the images on the internet, it was still beyond belief.

Sin saturates the world we live in. People do awful things. The only way to survive is to keep your eyes on the Lord, and never forget what our purpose in life is. This world needs Catholics and all Christians to stand up for what is right.

The problem is that everything isn't so black and white all the time. Everyone knows that killing thousands of innocent people is wrong, save for those few crazies. However, when you stand up for stuff like the sanctity of life, you're gonna get opposition from a lot of people.


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