Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Happiness is something we all want. It's something that all of us should want for those around us. However, that doesn't always happen. Due to the damaged condition of our hearts, we sometimes choose to be selfish at the expense of others. In the decisions we make there are usually only two choices; the choice to love, and the choice, well, to not love. Happiness is good and should be sought, but never at the expense of holiness. We should seek God always even when it makes us unhappy, and this includes being charitable to others. In other words, we should seek to make others happy, unless it interferes with their becoming holy, which in turn makes us holy, even though it may very well make us unhappy. Once we get this down, the formula becomes simplified; love everyone always.

So why did this topic come up? Well, basically, because things have been running very smoothly for me in a certain area. I am astounded by the amount of love and trust that I find in others. So far I haven't really messed up, and neither has anyone else from what I can tell. Basically, things go well when people do what they're supposed to do. It's a remarkable concept.


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