Sunday, September 18, 2005

Games vs. True Battle

Yesterday, we (The Fightin' Texas Aggie Football Team) played SMU. We beat them pretty bad 66-8. Aggie football is pretty intense, and it's great fun. I however am not a huge football fan. I'm actually not one to watch sports on TV very much at all, unless it's the Aggies. It sort of amazes me how much some people are into it though. Some people watch sports a lot. I'm not saying that's bad, i'm just saying it's a little hard for me to understand.

I get excited at the games, and I yell my head off. However, I do not yell individually at the players about how bad they're doing. I definitely don't cuss at them. One, what do I know about football? Two, they couldn't possibly hear me anyway. People cussing out members of our own team from the stands has always bothered me. Now, some people don't only do that at football games, but they do it at home while watching sports on TV. I'm not sure why. I guess people are looking for a battle to fight. Especially guys. I'm reminded of John Eldridge's writings. But the battle we should be fighting is not on the football field. As Pa Kent would say, "You're meant for much greater things than scoring touchdowns."

We were all meant for battle, a spiritual battle. A battle of Good and Evil. In that battle is where the real fight is. Sports are good for a great number of reasons. But they are games, and we all need to take note of that. It might not be sports for everyone. It could be anything: literature like books TV and movies, gambling, debating, partying and drinking. The list could go on. I think it could be anything someone is passionate about. Let's not give satan and his goons easy battles to win. Let's fight back, keep up our defenses, and fight for our souls and the souls of those around us. Over and out, have a good day.


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